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Trinity offers a range of athletic, social, interest-based and wellness clubs that allow any student to feel at home!

There are a number of ways students can get involved at Trinity College. Students have the opportunity of attending the Trinity Clubs Fair and the UTSU Clubs Fair at Orientation Week to learn more about what kinds of clubs and activities are available to them. Moreover, all clubs will post club and event information on Trin This Week (TTW), which is a weekly agenda of events that is available on the website, the 2T5 Facebook page and by email.

Students can get involved with levied clubs, but also have the opportunity of getting involved with many non-levied clubs. Students are also always encouraged to start their own clubs. Trinity is also home to three student publications and students can get involved with them either on a freelance basis or by joining their executive committees.

You can also get involved in Trinity Governance! We have regular Trinity College Meetings that allows every student to have a voice on governance matters as well as elections. More information can be found on the Trinity College Meeting page


The Salterrae

The Salterrae is the official undergraduate student life magazine for Trinity College. It features debate and discussion of relevant college policies, interviews with prominent alumni, and insightful pieces illuminating our College’s rich and varied history. Copies appear in print and online quarterly. All Members of College may contribute to the Salterrae. Pitches and submissions are encouraged throughout the year.

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The Stephanos is Trinity’s yearbook. All students are welcome and encouraged to contribute to the Stephanos by submitting pictures. 

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Stephanos Ticket: Arwyn Workman-Youmans, Marge de Leon, Katherine Yampolsky, and Archana Raguparan

The Trinity Review


The Trinity Review is an annual publication of art, prose, and poetry. Throughout the year, the executive organizes events such as poetry readings and high tables, where students can mingle with Fellows of the College and distinguished artists. The executive is comprised of one to three editors who are elected at the end of each academic year, as well as an editorial board of around five people. The publication is released in early April and is free, as it is funded by Trinity student fees. Committed to publishing talented young artists alongside alumni and academics, the Trinity Review is a consistently dynamic and entertaining way of showcasing the many talents of the student body. It is one of three literary journals on campus. Submissions are open to all.

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Student Publications

non levied clubs

Trinity College Taiwanese Club

Trinity College Art Show

Trinity College Big Garlic Bread Society

Trinity College Chinese Students' Association

Trinity College Computer Science Club

Trinity College Creative Writing Club

Trinity College Games Club

Trinity College Historical Society

Trinity College IR Society

Trinity College James Bond Society

Trinity College Karaoke Club

Trinity College Korean Canadian Association

Trinity College Model UN Club

Trinity College Multicultural Society

Beyond Sciences Initiative, Trinity

Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment

Trinity College South Asian Students' Society

Trinity College JEWSS

Trinity College Women in Leadership

Zoom Bike



Non Levied Clubs

Levied Clubs

Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS)

The Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS) is the club responsible for the funding and mounting of theatrical productions at Trinity College. It facilitates the involvement of Trinity students in all aspects of theatre either on or offstage, where 60% of every cast and crew must be made up of Trinity College students. All shows take place at Trinity and students can buy tickets at a reduced price. Meetings of this executive happen on a monthly basis, or with higher frequency when needed.

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The Trinity College Literary Institute, also known as The Lit, is the oldest debating society in Canada. Founded in the 1840s, the club started as a serious debating society to discuss issues of politics and theology, but early in the 1900s the mandate of the Lit switched to that of a satirical debating society. The Lit meets on Wednesday evenings during the academic year at 9:00 PM where two sides face off in a parliamentary style debate. The meetings consist of alternating speeches from the Government and the Opposition, where debaters clash hilariously over the weekly resolution.

The TCES is open to all students and staff at Trinity College who have an interest in environmental issues. The club hosts a diversity of events such as documentary nights, conferences, discussions, debates etc. The club works to improve the College’s environmental sustainability, and works towards larger environmental goals in the local and global community. The TCES meets every couple weeks and hosts a couple of events each month on average and often collaborates with many other clubs like the Lit, the TCVS, and U of T wide groups like UTERN and ENSU.

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Rainbow Trinity is a social support group for students of marginalized sexual and romantic orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and intersex students. The club offers a wide range of social and academic activities throughout the year. Some of Rainbow Trinity’s past events have included trips to The Village, the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, an Asexual Awareness Week social. Rainbow Trinity aims to promote an open, vibrant, and equitable environment at the college, and will fight all forms of discrimination. For the current Rainbow Trinity Constitution, click here.

Trinity Athletics aims to provide all those interested in athletics and healthy living the opportunity to participate in the vast programming that is available at both Trin and U of T. Trinity Athletics organizes athletic events and outings and will be your liaison to U of T’s Intramural Program. Additionally, Trinity Athletics is responsible for organizing TrinWear, Trinity’s very own branded gear. Contact Trinity Athletics to sign up for the various teams available to participate in this year, including soccer, hockey, basketball, cricket, inner tube water polo, and Ultimate Frisbee!

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WUSC at Trinity College is a student-run chapter and an expansion of the World University Service of Canada. The chapter’s main function is running Trinity’s Student Refugee Program, sponsored by WUSC. Further, our aim is to advocate for refugee accessibility to higher education. We do this by educating students, staff, and faculty about the importance of education and international development. We are governed by our student members as well as elected executives, and are independent of all government, corporate or political persuasion. No outside funding is sought, with the exception of the Trinity College student levy. Read the WUSC Constitution here.

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The Trinity College Mental Health Initiative strives to provide members of college with information about mental health issues and to facilitate awareness through various platforms. Their goal is to foster an open conversation about the sensitive topic of mental health in a safe environment.  They aim to meet our goals by hosting information sessions, workshops, and Peers for Peers programming. For more information or any questions, you can contact them by e-mail is at

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The Trinity College Volunteer Society (TCVS) is a non-profit student organization which promotes volunteerism by offering volunteer programs and events, and keeping Trinity students informed of other volunteer opportunities around the city. Popular initiatives have included preparing and serving hot meals to the community, visiting old age homes, knitting for charity and hosting clothing donation drives. Volunteering with the TCVS is a great way to meet other students, relieve stress, and make a meaningful contribution to our community. We encourage you to check us out, and to propose any ideas you might have for projects or events. All are welcome!

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TCOS is a community that celebrates the outdoors and the spirit of
adventure. It is intended to encourage Members of College to be involved
in active events outside the doors of Trinity College. It 
runs events open to all Trinity College students, including hiking, running, climbing, snowshoeing, skiing, and camping outings.

Levied Clubs
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