(Non-Resident Affairs Committee)

The Non-Resident Affairs Committee (NRAC) is made up of 14 members and meets at least four times a year. According to the Trinity College Constitution, the responsibilities of the NRAC are:

  • To integrate commuter students into the College community.

  • To present the unique concerns of commuter students to college government and administration.

  • To facilitate the participation of commuter students in Student Government.

  • To be a resource for commuter students wanting to participate in college life, including by maintaining a commuter students’ common room.

  • To organize events that facilitate the interaction of the commuter and resident communities.

  • To actively communicate with the commuter community through appropriate means in order to ensure that commuter students are kept a part of student events at the college.

Non-Residence Heads

The Heads of NRAC work closely with the resident Heads of College and Heads of Arts to integrate the resident and commuter communities. They are your go to heads for all things Off-Campus, and like all the heads, pretty much everything else, as well. 

Female Head of NRAC for 2020-21 is Cindy Lui.


The Treasurer of NRAC works together with the Heads of NRAC to manage the substantial finances of the committee. 

Treasurer of NRAC for 2020-21 is Sophia DiNicolo.


The Secretary of NRAC is responsible for preparing meeting agendas, taking detailed minutes during all NRAC meetings and editing/publishing meeting minutes within a reasonable deadline. 

Secretary of NRAC for 2020-21 is Meaghan McClure.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for working with the rest of the NRAC executive to publicize, promote, and plan events.

Communications Coordinator of NRAC for 2020-21 is Mostafa Elsharkawi.

Non-Residence Year Heads

Every year, two non-resident heads from each year are elected to represent their year, sit on various governing bodies, and plan events as set out by the constitution. 

Fourth Year Non Resident Heads - Kennan Krause & Annie Collins.

Third Year Non Resident Heads - Thomas Hall & Taufika Ekram.

Second Year Non Resident Heads -Tourang Movahedi & Charlotte Keating.