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Starting a Club

Clubs are the lifeblood of extra-curricular life at Trinity, and there are some fabulous ones that have existed for a long time. But if exactly what you’re looking for isn’t already on the go, you’re in luck: it’s easy to start up a club at Trinity and to get funding. Every year, many first-years start up new and successful clubs – and some of them are so successful, they live on long after they graduate. So don’t hesitate to start a club of your own!

Step One - Mandate

Submit a club recognition form, including a brief description of what your club will do, who it will serve, what the structure of its executive will be, and when and how it will meet. Your mandate will need to be approved by the Trinity College Board of Stewards (TCBS) and then be passed by the Trinity College Meeting (TCM). It’s a good idea to show up in person when your mandate is being considered. Often, board members and participants at the TCM will want to ask you questions about it.

Step Two - Budget

If you want funding, you’ll need to submit a budget. The TCM Treasurer can provide you with a sample budget and a template. Budgets list revenue sources (often just a contribution of student money requested from the TCM), and expenditures (a list of items you wish to spend money on). Budgets must be discussed by the Finance Committee (FC) and then approved by the TCM. Clubs in their first year typically do not receive greater than $400 annually, but in specific cases exemptions can be made. One executive member must show up to the FC to answer questions when your budget is considered.

Step Three - Running your Club

Once your mandate and budget are approved, you’ll be able to operate. Remember: you have received approval to spend money on specific line items. If you deviate from these (for instance, if you decide to spend $100 on one meeting’s worth of refreshments instead of the $25 each at 4 meetings which you initially requested), you may not be eligible for reimbursement for expenses that you incur. The TCM will not write you a cheque for your full budget. Instead, you will need to submit receipts for purchases you make to the TCM treasurer, along with a Cheque Request Form and they will issue you a cheque, provided the expenses fit your approved budget. Keep your receipts, and make multiple photocopies!

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