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Trinity Against Sexual Assault & Harassment

Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment (TASAH) aims to create a safe environment, both in-person and online, for people of all identities and uphold a culture of consent. This includes providing support for survivors of sexual violence, helping students find, fund, and access private counseling, and to foster safe spaces via educational campaigns.

TASAH is focused on response, prevention, and advocacy. TASAH was instrumental in creating Trinity’s “Supporting Sexual Violence Survivors Fund” in 2019, allowing students to access and pay for private counseling in a timely fashion. We are aiming to expand the current fund to incorporate legal aid in addition to mental health counseling.


For further details on the goals of TASAH please refer to our 2020/21 mandate. 

For resources for survivors of sexual assault or violence please see our Resource Packet.

Stay connected by liking our page on Facebook and following us on Instagram.

We also encourage all students to review the University of Toronto’s policy on sexual assault and harassment. 

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