Trinity College Meeting


Trinity College’s highest body of student government is the Trinity College Meeting (TCM). The TCM is unique to Trinity as we are the only college in North America whose governance is conducted by direct democracy. It is a body of which all the College’s students are members, rather than an elected student council. Every student can bring forward motions, speak, and vote at the TCM. Show up to the meetings, participate, and your voice will matter.

To learn more about the TCM and how it works, visit the Instagram Page Join our Facebook group to stay connected with all governance matters.

Your Executives

Salutations, Members of College! My name is Sam Parker, and I serve as TCM Secretary and Deputy Chair for the 2020-2021 academic year. As Secretary, it is my job to draft agendas and minutes for the TCM and its committees. I am also in charge of keeping the TCM Google Drive organized and accessible. If you ever have any motions/constitutional amendments you want to move at a TCM/committee, you can reach out to me and I’ll make sure it gets on the agenda. I’m also happy to help turn any ideas you have into concrete motions, or just to talk about Trinity governance.



Anjali Gandhi

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Hi there! I'm Anjali Gandhi and I'll be serving as your TCM Chair for this year. I'm in charge of facilitating our college's nine yearly meetings and overseeing the activities of our standing committees. But otherwise, my main goal is to ensure Trinity government is transparent, inclusive, and accessible. Please reach out to me with any concerns you have about governance, I'm happy to help! I'll also be available during office hours with the Sam and Mary, as well as an hour before each TCM starts for Chair concerns.



Sam Parker

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